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Branding is the art of becoming knowable, likable and trustable” – John Jantsch

“Branding” is one word that has become very popular in many niches. Most people think branding is all about designing a company logo and website. They are important components of a brand but there are several essentials to be considered.

They include:

Define Your Target Audience

You need to identify your ideal customers if you are a new entrant to the industry. Analyse your direct competition, their brand strategy and how people interact with them online and offline.

If you are already an established business, you need to analyse your existing customer base. Segment your customers according to their common patterns and motivations. This will help you identify which segment is more profitable to your business and try to attract more similar customers.

2. Develop Your Brand Identity

Your brand identity plays a leading role in helping to increase your brand awareness to the public both on online and offline channels. If you able to impress your audience and build an emotional connection, your brand will stick with people.

Your brand identity is how people are going to recognise your brand. This is why it’s crucial to build an authentic one reflecting your values.

3. Create An Association For Your Brand

Every brand is associated with some meanings and emotions. The messaging should be about the consumers and solving their problems, not about your brand and how great you are. When companies only market themselves and their product, this can result in negative associations.

4. Keep Your Brand Consistent

Keeping your brand consistency directly depends on effective teamwork. Each team member must know your brand values and how to communicate them on various channels. All team members must learn how to use your branding materials when creating any kind of content.

5. Maintain Positive Relationships with Your Customers

Retaining existing customers is more affordable than converting new ones. Hence, it is important to establish and maintain positive relationships with your customers. Team members interacting with clients must have exceptional communication skills because everything depends on how they deliver the necessary information and brand messaging.

6. Make Brand Ambassadors Out Of Your Employees

Happy and satisfied employees are as valuable to the company as the customers. Your employees can become your brand ambassadors and help to increase your brand awareness, especially with the help of social media.

Likewise, employees who are happy and discontent with your company can give negative feedback and affect your brand image and marketing. If company culture and employee engagement programmes are non-existent in your business, now is the right time to start developing them.


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