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Who we are

We build sustainable businesses and help entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners thrive. At SME Help, we help entrepreneurs and startups position for productivity and profitable.

What we offer

We believe that every entrepreneur, aspiring entrepreneur and small business owner have the ability to thrive with the right foundation. From our wealth of experiences, mentorship and trainings cannot be over emphasized in the journey of entrepreneurship and that is why we are focusing on these to create the impact in the SME sphere.

Our Services


Our mentorship platform provides real time support from seasoned business coaches to entrepreneurs seeking direction in their businesses. The application is a global marketplace for mentors and mentees with mentors providing tested and proven solutions.


We train aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owner on how to improve productivity and profitability. We offer courses in Entrepreneurship, Business Structuring, and Digital Marketing. We leverage on our ultra modern training facility for the maximum delivery of our training goals.